Until recently, the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technology even though industry is undergoing constant development. Technology is becoming so advanced by the day, giving project teams the ultimate leg up. Many of these technological innovations have already started to be introduced with initiatives that revolve around medical centers and life sciences venues like research laboratories. Whether you are getting ready to break ground on a new building, or you are renovating an existing health facility, utilizing the right tools can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

If your next construction project is a medical office building, then make sure to have a firm grasp and understanding about the latest design-build technology. Many of these trends will help make your lives a lot easier this year:

Augmented/Virtual Reality:

Augmented reality (AR) makes the design process a lot more seamless. Supported by just a camera lens and advanced software, AR allows users to see what their real-world structure will look like in a three-dimensional shape. This will have a significant impact on the management plan as it gives project teams the ability to perfect their ideas before they officially break ground.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information modeling tools are a project manager’s best friend. BIM software helps project managers in every phase of the construction process. It provides a digital representation of facility being built. The models provides insights and functions that will aid in planning, design, and production stages of the project. This will help streamline just about design-build project.  

Laser Scanning:

Laser Scanning is becoming more and more popular, especially in existing building renovations.

Construction providers are using 3D laser scanners to create quick and accurate building designs. It also provides insightful data points in just a matter of seconds. This will help managers define accurate budgets, set appropriate timetables, and establish precise measurements during pre-construction planning.

Modular Construction:

There are two primary reasons why people choose modular construction services:

  1. Protection: Certain medical equipment will need an extra layer of protection. That’s where a modular skid is necessary. Modular structures are specialty storage units for chemicals, medical tubing, and other sensitive material. These are perfect solutions for infection control purposes.
  2. Speed and Convenience: The main reason people choose modular technology is for to speed up the construction process. Modular skids are prefabricated in a facility while the building is concurrently being built. This also allows for these systems to be built and tested in a controlled environment.

Cloud and Mobile Technology:

The cloud is one of today’s most powerful assets. As mobile technology continues to expand, the cloud will become increasingly critical. More and more construction managers will start to leverage information from cloud-based storage centers, making it easier to access data and instructions for any building assignments.  


Drones will start to play more of a pivotal role in most construction projects. When engineering large building structures, drones will be flown with a BIM attachment to scan surface areas for precise and accurate measurements. This will significantly streamline the evaluation process and help engineers spot constructability issues early on.

Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology will start to play a substantial role during construction procedures. Expect to see a trend of construction employees sporting more smartwatches. This will help boost safety amongst the job site and make it easier for managers to monitor the progress of the construction project.

From construction projects to engineering and design, there are several boxes that industrial professionals will have to check off. Whether you are a contractor, architect, or even a building owner, it always helps to work with a professional MEP provider. MEP, or mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, is a full-service solution that will help you optimize the performance of any building of any size.

Working with an experienced MEP professional is a surefire way for you to stay ahead of the curve. MEP engineers will streamline any construction process that you’re a part of, thus resulting in a greater bottom-line.

Here are just some of the primary areas that an MEP consultant will help make a significant impact on:

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC):

Working with an MEP engineer will help give you the peace of mind that your HVAC system is running smoothly. MEP professionals are trained HVAC specialists that will be able to identify the best way to heat or cool your building. During the construction phase of the building phase, MEP contractors will make sure that your HVAC plans are designed and installed properly. This will help you deliver maximum comfort all around the building.


When it comes to your plumbing, an MEP engineer that all piping, water, and waste removal systems are intact. Your MEP consultant will also be able to identify conservation strategies that are best-fit for your building. Whether it’s stormwater, your sewage system, natural gas, or your irrigation system, your MEP will be there to ensure that you have a plumbing solution that serves all of these critical areas in the most cost-effective manner.

Lighting and Electricity:

Your building’s lighting accounts for a large portion of your electricity bills. By working with a trusted MEP provider, you’ll get to design an energy system that is equipped with more efficient lighting fixtures. When it comes to electrical lighting, the key is automation. Your MEP engineer will design a system that helps you get more support from natural light sources at peak periods of the day. This will help reduce electricity usage and help you create a more comfortable setting for all occupants.

Energy Efficiency:

Professional MEP providers work with one primary goal in mind – to maximize sustainability throughout your entire building. The best MEP engineers work around the clock to implement energy management solutions to conserve the way your building performs. Whether that’s with a renewable energy source, or with an environmentally-friendly solution, you can always count on your MEP contractor to help you obtain maximum efficiency.

Building Automation:

Building automation firmware is a centralized solution that makes it easier for you to control the way any of your mechanical, electrical, or plumbing fixtures operate. This includes your HVAC system, lighting fixtures, security and fire alarms, and so much more. Your MEP engineer will be responsible for designing an automation system that keeps your energy controls at its most optimal level throughout the day.

Indoor Air Quality:

The environmental quality of your air can have a significant effect on the health of your occupants. MEP providers will be able to recognize opportunities that will help improve the building’s overall air quality indoors. From utilizing more natural light to optimizing your HVAC with more moisture control features, there are several methods that your MEP engineer will practice to keep the air of your building is in safe and breathable condition.

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During the winter months, the demand on your commercial boiler to keep the Dallas-area cold weather at bay is considerable. The boiler system has a lot of moving parts and it must be inspected daily to identify signs of unsafe or inefficient operation.

Reduce the risk of breakdowns – Regular inspections are key to identifying big problems while they are still small and manageable giving us time to come and make repairs without any significant down time. The worst thing is allowing a small, manageable problem to become a bigger, costlier one.

Make sure everything is comfortable – The purpose of the boiler is to keep your building warm and if it isn’t capable of doing that, you run the risk of losing customers or having your employees head home for the day. This kind of downtime can be costlier to your business than anything you spend for preventative maintenance.

Keep the machinery running efficiently – When all parts of your boiler are working properly it will do its job without using as much energy. This lowers your energy bill and reduces the amount of carbon emissions you are responsible for.

How a building manager can inspect their commercial boiler

While it may be a complicated piece of machinery, there are some things you should do every day at a minimum during the cold months to make sure it is working properly. Simple observations can include:

  • Checking the water lines for leaks, or any standing water near the unit.
  • Inspecting the low-water cutoff device to make sure it is working properly.
  • Checking the fuel lines for leaks.
  • Observing any changes in operation such as odd noises or a significant reduction in heat output.

How Brandt will inspect and maintain your boiler

While daily checks are important, monthly or seasonal maintenance and inspections by a professional that is specifically trained in commercial boiler maintenance are just as crucial to keeping the system running smoothly.

  • Check for signs of corrosion and leaks.
  • Test safety and performance features including the fuel cutoff and water treatment systems.
  • Inspect the burners and do a combustion analysis to make sure they are operating safely.
  • Clean all system components to facilitate easier heat transfers and make sure the water levels are correct.

The Brandt Difference

When you trust your boiler services to Brandt, you are making sure your boilers are maintained properly and inspected periodically to make sure they are working at the peak of efficiency and reliability. This service includes:

  • Complete 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Experienced Boilermaker Technicians
  • National Board R Stamp Certified Welders
  • Qualified Service Mechanics
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • New Boiler Installations

Whether you need a long-term solution for system-wide maintenance or emergency boiler services, our service packages are designed to meet your individualized needs. Our highly trained technicians can keep your boilers running smoothly, and will recognize any warning signs that require preventive maintenance or performance upgrades.

Call Brandt today to schedule an inspection of your boiler system and make sure things stay warm during the cold winter months.

Brandt is looking for the best and brightest to join our team! We offer opportunity for advancement at every level, and our multi-discipline approach means there’s a place for anyone with the drive to learn and the determination to succeed. Find out when we will be at a career fair near you:

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Prefabrication Optimizes Construction


As the demand for skilled workers increases, construction schedules shorten, and job site safety heightens, clients are looking for options to reduce the scope of work on their project sites. Prefabrication has become a viable solution to meet these challenges.


Prefabrication Process

Prefabrication is a process in which construction is completed offsite in a controlled environment to improve quality, reduce build time, and manage expenses.  On most projects, Brandt prefabricates complete electrical and mechanical piping systems to include pump hook-ups, skid mounted pump packages, coil hook-ups, Central Plant headers, and any redundant connections to increase efficiency.


Benefits of Offsite Construction

There are several benefits to prefabrication or offsite-construction, including improved jobsite safety.

  • Reduced Cost of Labor. Prefabrication is a streamlined solution requiring less skilled workers, which results in labor savings.
  • Shortened Construction Schedule. Since your project will be built in a controlled environment off-site, there will be no weather delays or environmental challenges to keep the project from staying on schedule.
  • Minimal On-Site Disturbance. Prefabrication means systems could arrive at your site nearly complete. This solution is ideal for busy new construction sites and existing building renovations.
  • Improve Construction Quality. Prefabrication methods ensure that the quality of the construction is top-notch.
  • Safer Job Sites. The reduced time and activity that occurs on site will naturally improve site safety.


Brandt—Staying Ahead of the Curve and Embracing Prefabrication Construction

Brandt has approximately 100,000 square feet of floor space dedicated entirely to state-of-the-art piping, electrical, and sheet metal prefabrication in Dallas and San Antonio. These manufacturing centers efficiently handle the demands of our customer’s projects across Texas.

Recently, Brandt was hired to fabricate integrated rack corridor systems for HCA Medical City Plano. Here, all systems are contained in a common framework that are built and tested off-site. Upon installation, these systems will be lifted in sections and secured. The framework can be designed to incorporate ductwork, water piping, medical gas piping, electrical conduit, cable trays, and even fire protection. Most impressively, our team will install approximately 50,000 lbs of ductwork and 10,000 feet of plumbing and hydronic piping in the prefabricated racks during the concurrent construction of the building. According to the customer, this process has shortened the project duration by two months.

Brandt understands how rising materials costs can affect your project. That’s why we provide solutions for rising material costs that do not affect the quality of work we can provide to our customers. Working with Brandt means your project will be well planned and executed efficiently.


If you are located in Texas and want to learn more about our products, services, and capabilities, contact us today.

Brandt Moves Up in ENR’s Top 600 Listing

Brandt was recently named the 39th largest specialty contractor in the U.S. in ENR Magazine’s 2018 Top 600 listing. The magazine ranks the top 600 contractors by annual revenue for all projects. In addition to moving up seven spots from 2017, the Company also ranked 15th in the Top 50 Mechanical Contractors, as well as 7th in the Top 20 Firm in Sheet Metal.

Firms throughout the nation are experiencing substantial growth and a surplus of work, including Brandt.  Barry Moore, President and CEO, said this recognition reinforces the caliber and dedication of Brandt’s employees during this competitive market.

“Since the vast majority of our revenues come from repeat clients, Brandt’s growth is a testament to our team’s commitment to the success of each project,” Moore said. “Particularly our field leaders, who create the environments our men and women on-site need to safely and effectively create value for our clients.”

Brandt continues to create value for clients by meeting the demand for combined MEP services. The Company is structured to meet MEP needs all with the convenience of one company.

“Brandt’s ability to self-perform Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design and construction services, for both new construction and existing building projects, is very attractive to clients because they get a single point of responsibility for the performance and cost of the entire system,” Moore said.

As systems become increasingly complex, the new and existing building market is rapidly changing. For example, major subcontractors are being brought on early in the design phase to reduce costs, meet specific performance and sustainability goals, and shorten the project schedule.

“The outlook is bright for 2019 and beyond,” Moore said. “We’re fortunate to have high quality, successful clients whose businesses are growing; requiring them to renovate, expand, or build new facilities.”

Brandt is a MEP contractor specializing in HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, for construction and service projects. Founded in 1952, the Company has more than 2,500 employees servicing commercial and industrial customers throughout Texas. To keep up with the latest company news and events, visit brandt.us or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.


ENR Article: https://www.enr.com/articles/45599-enr-2018-top-600-specialty-contractors-dealing-with-a-hot-market

Laser Scanning in Construction

What is Laser Scanning?

Laser scanning is a highly accurate method of capturing real-time conditions of a job site or object. This process is also known as 3D imaging and 3D laser scanning. Laser scanning can capture very small objects to full size buildings.  This is Brandt’s preferred solution wherever there are issues of complexity, speed, safety, or reduced access and visibility.


How Does 3D Laser Scanning Work?

To measure an object, the scanner emits millions of lasers and uses the reflections to calculate 3D locations. When objects or existing site conditions are scanned, millions of data points are recorded. The result is an accurate depiction of the object called a point cloud.

Point cloud data goes into a system where it’s quickly merged into a complete 3D CAD model. This process is called alignment or registration.


Why Would You Need It?

The technology has a wide array of jobsite applications, including:

  • Preconstruction
  • Renovation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) & Virtual Design Construction (VDC)
  • Quality control
  • Comparing design intent to as-built conditions
  • Architecture / 3D Documentation
  • Facility Management


With the ability to capture data at one million points per second, this technology is quickly gaining traction within the construction industry. Below are six benefits you can realize on your next project using laser scanning.

  1. Renovation and New Construction

For detailed MEP installations, you need a high level of accuracy. If your project is complex, involves retrofits, or requires refurbishment, Brandt can capture precise data with laser scanning.

  1. Valuable Data for Design

Datasets are dimensionally accurate, measurable, and shareable. 3D documentation can provide engineers with detailed 3D models that accurately document entire facilities and their assets, such as power components, machinery, and pipe work.

  1. Speed

One scan takes less than three minutes to set up and produce.  Each scan is no more than nine feet apart, so our team can cover a large space rather quickly.

  1. Cost Savings

Reduced time, labor and materials result in significant savings compared to traditional measurement methods.

  1. Accuracy

Existing field conditions are turned into a 3D model with intelligence ready to be used for coordination and fabrication. The model produces as-built shop drawings with systems, material sizes, elevations, and dimensions depicted to scale.

  1. Safety

Safety risks are eliminated by spending less time onsite with exposure to working conditions.


Considering laser scanning technology on your next project? Give us a call at (972) 395-6000 or send us a message with more information about your project needs.

Reference: [https://www.faro.com/products/construction-bim-cim/faro-focus/]

Benefits of Solar Panel Electric Power Systems

How effective is your current energy source?

If you’re looking into more sustainable ways to generate electricity for your facility, it’s time to look into solar panel technology. Solar power systems are among the most popular sources of renewable energy. Derived from the sun’s radiation, they can provide you with optimal levels of energy while keeping your ongoing operation costs fairly low. We’ve highlighted some of the key benefits that you need to consider when looking into other energy sources for your commercial facility or home.


High-Quality Renewable Energy

The chief benefit of installing solar panels? They offer one of the best sources of renewable energy available. Unlike other energy alternatives, like fossil fuels or conventional electricity systems, there isn’t a limit on how much energy the sun can produce. That is until the sun burns out; but fear not, because scientists don’t expect that to happen for at least five billion years.

Manageable Electric Bills

Initial installation costs can be minimized through project financing and utility rebates to reduce the cost that you are paying for each kilowatt-hour. Paybacks typically range from 3-5 years for each installation. You’ll be able to meet all of your electricity needs and sell back surplus energy to the grid you’re connected to. You can save even more if you sell electricity at a higher rate during the day, before buying back electricity from the same grid during the evening when prices drop a little.

Diverse Usage

With solar panels, you won’t have to worry about what specific applications work with your energy source. You’ll be able to generate electricity (photovoltaics) or heat (solar thermal), meaning that any application you want to use will be covered. It can be integrated into the materials used for buildings, power satellites in space, and distilling water in regions with minimal clean water supplies.

Low Maintenance Costs

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with an outdated energy source is frequent maintenance. If your energy solution isn’t built to last, you will have to bear the cost more often than not. Solar panels represent a more reliable option; several manufacturers offer 20-25 year warranties, and the panels themselves incur minimal wear and tear. Beyond the inverter (the part that works to convert solar energy into electricity and heat) and the cabling, there generally isn’t much that needs to be continually repaired.

Technology Development

Solar panels are the way of the future—they’re only going to become more efficient and save you more money on your energy bill. Innovations in several fields, including quantum physics and nanotechnology, can further increase how effective your solar panels will be. Invest in a solution with a high floor and an even higher ceiling; you won’t ever have to worry about whether or not you made the right decision.

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Safer Battery Storage with Tesla

It’s safe to compare Elon Musk to a wizard. Over time, he has redefined the automotive industry on countless occasions since he founded Tesla Inc. in 2003. As a leading luxury automotive brand, Tesla continues to make noise for its unique and energy efficient vehicles. Tesla doesn’t make your average plug-in hybrid cars.

The company made a significant splash on the world when the Tesla Model S was launched on the market in 2015. Shortly after, the Model S quickly became the best-selling electric vehicle across the world. Following the success of the Model S, Elon Musk and company released the Model X SUV and the Model 3 Sedan.

Fast forward three years later, Tesla continues to draw headlines for the company’s contribution to electric energy and solar power. By June of 2018, Tesla made new waves when they released a highly efficient battery pack solution, called the Powerwall. Tesla partnered with energy powerhouse Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to tackle this new venture. Many experts believe that this is going to be the company’s most prominent contribution yet. You can trust that this innovative battery system will change the world as we know it.

This new battery system will be a safe source of renewable clean energy. Tesla claims that this is much more than new battery power. The electric car juggernaut describes this solution as a full-service “energy storage system.” It’s intended to perform a variety of functions that will help people preserve multiple energy sources. Here’s what you can expect from this impressive, new energy system:

Safer Battery Power:

With the Powerwall, Tesla is able to isolate damages that are triggered by faulty battery cells. This will preserve working cells in the full battery pack. It’s a durable system constructed out of powerful ion material. You can trust that battery system to withstand multiple disruptions and energy threats.

Massive Energy Capacity:

If there’s one thing that Tesla is known for, it’s a significant power supply. The company is responsible for generating much of the world’s energy. Expect the power wall to carry tremendous amounts of power. Its battery grid alone is powerful enough to support more than 100 households at once. This storage solution will be able to operate with up to 1.1 GWh of power.

Major Consolidations:

The power wall can support many things all at once. Users will be able to generate enough power to back up their homes, refrigeration systems, wi-fi systems, and more. This can all be bundled together under this massive, unified power source.

Long-Term Efficiency:

Tesla and PG&E’s Powerwall is a very strong energy grid. It’s built to withstand dangerous weather conditions and other disasters. It has enough power to support people for years. Tesla continues to contribute to the decline of energy price, so you can expect the Powerwall to be an affordable resource for a very long time.