Brandt recently completed a major facilities update at the Dallas InfoMart. Brandt successfully teamed with the client to come up with a creative solution to a problem that resulted in a practical, reliable fix that will save the Infomart money over the long term while improving their everyday systems use.

Little Leak, Big Problem

The staff at the InfoMart called us after discovering a condenser water leak—buried 20 feet under the surface. The excavation and renovation of the site would have been intensive, expensive, time consuming, and disruptive to normal operations. Our team at Brandt came up with an alternative plan: Move the towers to the Infomart loading dock area and abandon the leaking 30 year old condenser piping.

From Concept to Practice

To improve the InfoMart’s systems while fixing the underlying problem, we devised a plan to bring the new cooling towers closer to the building, reducing the length of piping and thus the chances of future problems, while improving accessibility should future issues arise. The design required a build of a new steel structure to house the cooling towers over the existing loading dock. New condenser water piping circumvented the leak in the old system without ever breaking ground.

Brandt’s team of trained engineers and technicians purchased and installed a total of six 1000-ton cooling towers, complete with the associated pumps and infrastructure. The project required over 200 feet of 20 – 32” pipe. The Brandt solution allowed the InfoMart to resume normal operations quickly and effectively, with improved systems and minimal downtime—while saving money on what could have been a very expensive retrofit of an existing system.

The entire process took 10 months and a team of 15 dedicated Brandt employees. We managed to help the InfoMart minimize their downtime, with no interruption to normal operations.