College Programs

College Programs Brandt’s robust college recruitment program brings high-potential talent into the company every year. Our hiring managers attend college career fairs every spring and fall, searching for the best interns and new graduates for our college programs.

Paid Internships

Our paid internships introduce students to a variety of technical fields in the construction sciences and both mechanical and electrical engineering, among others. In addition, we take interns in professional capacities such as in our human resources, accounting and safety departments. Our interns receive substantial on-the-job training in construction engineering and project management, and can expect to leave the internship with valuable industry knowledge and experience to help in their search for a full-time career after graduation.

Full-Time Employment

All our interns and new college graduates who come through the recruitment college program have the opportunity to be hired full time upon graduation. Our benefits packages are competitive and our team environment is one of the best in the nation. When you work with Brandt, you work in partnership with a legacy of excellence and a mission to improve with every project we complete—even after more than 60 years in the business. To fulfill that mission, we offer significant professional development incentives and benefits designed to help us retain top talent.

How Our College Programs Work to Recruit New Talent

Top candidates for internships and full-time positions are invited for face-to-face interviews in our office. Students submit applications and resumes online, where all our jobs are posted.  After interviews and consultation of Brandt’s hiring committee, you may be offered a position. Internships are as-posted; full-time jobs may include negotiation of terms as needed.

Join a Construction Powerhouse.

Brandt has built a reputation for integrity, excellence and care of our employees and our clients. When you work with Brandt, you work with the best. Make use of our college programs to join a firm that will work with you and for you to deliver the highest quality results for years to come.