Chief executive officers, company owners and facility managers that have not yet considered the benefits of conducting an energy efficiency audit of their facilities may be missing a golden opportunity to grow and stay ahead of the curve.

As talk of lower emissions and how climate change and increased energy cost could affect the future of commerce, businesses are beginning to evaluate their role in the larger environmental picture. Energy efficiency audits have proved to be an essential tool in assessing how a business can reduce consumption.

Still, there are many who may fear that energy efficient audits are a waste of time and money; they don’t understand that building energy efficiency could be the answer to resolving key issues in their buildings.

Benefits of an Energy Efficiency Audit

Consider some of the benefits of an energy efficiency inspection:

  • It provides a clear picture of your company’s current energy usage. More than just giving you senseless figures on a bill, an energy efficiency audit provides a comprehensive overview of your trouble areas, in a way that you can easily understand.
  • It gives you a baseline for what steps to take next. Once you have received feedback from your energy audit, you can start preparing a plan, setting some goals and working toward those goals.
  • It saves money. Energy efficiency audits often reveal huge energy wasters within your business structure, and will suggest ways in which you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and cut costs.
  • It puts you ahead of your competition. Understanding energy efficiency is the first step toward redesigning your model to create a green, sustainable business. This is something that many companies struggle with achieving, and something that could potentially give you the edge over your competition.
  • It boosts company morale. Working toward sustainable commerce and doing your part to ensure you have an eco-friendly business that does its part and minimizes factors that could potentially be harmful to employees is a great morale booster. You might even find that this will help increase productivity and helps your company function better.
  • It increases your customer base. More importantly, building energy efficiency into your business model can expand your customer base, as a new, more environmentally active audience begins to support and contract with your business.

Energy Efficiency Inspection: Let the Experts Conduct It

While energy efficient audits are not necessarily difficult to conduct on your own, an expert can be much more thorough in detecting factors that you may not know are a problem or that you may miss altogether. That is why it’s important to have professionals who are experienced in energy efficiency, sustainability and green building and retrofitting perform an energy efficiency inspection. Get a full analysis of your facilities by calling the Brandt Companies at (972) 360-9244.

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