SafetyAt Brandt, we work with complex, intricate mechanical and electrical systems in all stages of construction and ongoing service. The safety of everyone on our job sites is our top priority. Our safety policy is designed to protect our people and our clients’ employees while maximizing construction efficiency and facilitating on-time project completion.

Brandt Safety Policy

We care about the safety and health of all company employees and site visitors. For that reason, our safety policies are exacting and our job site culture makes safety measures an indispensable part of daily operations. Our safety policy is designed to:

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • Create and maintain operating practices that will safeguard all employees and persons who enter our properties
  • Comply with all safety laws and regulations

Saving Lives, Saving Time, Saving Money

Brandt vigorously endorses our Safety and Health policy to prevent the occurrence of injuries and illnesses, and to avoid the suffering and economic loss associated with accidents.
Accidents can shut down a construction site for days or weeks, causing major delays for businesses. This is unacceptable to both Brandt and our clients. That’s why safety is a top priority for us. We care about our people, and we can only work on complex and demanding facilities if we put safety first.

Safe. Efficient. Effective.

Accident prevention and efficient work methods go hand in hand. All levels of management have a primary responsibility for the safety and well-being of all employees within their scope of authority. Each one of us works continuously to promote safe work practices among all employees and to maintain property and equipment in a safe operating condition.

Safe practices are a part of all operations. From our perspective, successful job completion and safety must be inseparable.