Why Choose Us

Why Choose UsAt Brandt, we recognize that our people are our most powerful resource. Brandt employees are valued members of empowered and technically proficient teams. Brandt careers offer opportunities for advancement, professional training, and continual development over time.

Why Choose Brandt?

Brandt builds a team that strives for excellence. In pursuit of that goal, we encourage and support career development. Brandt jobs offer opportunity for advancement at every level. Our flexible, multidisciplinary approach means there’s a place for anyone with the drive to learn and the determination to succeed.

Brandt is also privately held. That means we are able to remain agile and adjust to the increasing demands of Texas’s construction industry. Our open, accessible management is a powerful engine for growth and adaptability in an innovative and ever-changing industry.

Innovation. Adaptability. Excellence.

Our workplaces are adaptive and ever changing, from the job site to the office and back again. Our construction professionals often function as subject matter experts; our engineers are frequently tasked with client interaction and design management. If you like a challenge and thrive in a setting where excellence is not only encouraged, but also required … then Brandt is the place for you.