Furnace Replacements for a Short-Term HVAC Rental

Need a Short-Term Solution? Rentals Are the Right Choice

Meeting the Demands of our Clients, No Matter What The performance of any given HVAC solution might change at a given time. The needs of a facility might change as well, and making a significant investment in something that might not be the right choice down

An open hallway in the hospital | Brandt

2019 Trends in Healthcare Construction

Until recently, the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technology even though industry is undergoing constant development. Technology is becoming so advanced by the day, giving project teams the ultimate leg up. Many of these technological innovations have already started to be introduced

Laser Scanning in Construction

What is Laser Scanning? Laser scanning is a highly accurate method of capturing real-time conditions of a job site or object. This process is also known as 3D imaging and 3D laser scanning. Laser scanning can capture very small objects to full size buildings.  This is

The Effect of Smart Devices on the Jobsite

Everywhere you look, people are taking photos on their smartphones or typing away on their tablets. Almost every industry utilizes smartphones and tablets, including the construction industry. While viewed as delicate devices on a construction site, smartphones and tablets have become a valuable tool in