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Turn to Brandt, the industry leader in fabrication

Fabrication Services

Brandt’s in-house fabrication services move trade hours from the construction site to a controlled environment. We take pride in meeting our clients’ multi-trade project needs, while ensuring both quality and safety throughout production.

Brandt coordinates and self-performs multi-trade fabrication including plumbing assemblies, electrical assemblies, piping, ductwork, hangers, and multi-trade rack systems.

Dedicated Fabrication Space

With more than 100,000 square-feet of combined production space in Dallas and San Antonio, our team can manage any size project to meet your needs.  Our continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment and automation technology allows us to deliver building solutions in the most efficient manner possible.


Our piping shop can produce one million diameter weld-inches per year, while our sheet metal shop can produce over 14 million pounds of ductwork per year.


Leaders in Fabrication

In our pursuit of excellence, we provide a team of industry experts. Our team is certified and committed to delivering the highest quality design, fabrication, and installation services.