UV Lighting Applications

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UV Lighting Applications

Have you ever thought about what you could do with UV lighting? UV light has several uses that businesses in the water, air, and energy industries could be taking advantage of. 

Have You Tried UV Light For HVAC? How Germicidal UVC Technology Can Help Your Business.

UV light and air purifiers, UV light and air conditioners… who would’ve thought that light could somehow play a part in technology like that? Believe it or not, more and more businesses around the world are rapidly adopting UV light applications, especially in the wake of COVID-19. You can never be too diligent about your energy consumption and how well you sterilize your space. UV lighting allows you to do both, equally effectively. 


Is Your Facility Safe?

The health and safety of your team is more important than ever right now. Are you taking every step necessary to make sure your environment isn’t just welcoming, but actively working to prevent them from getting sick? Make sure you’re doing what you can to protect your team.

How UV Lighting Can Help With Air Sterilization

Since the pandemic dominated the news, the same points of emphasis have been repeated over, and over, and over again: wear masks, socially distance, sanitize surfaces, wash your hands thoroughly, and reduce indoor capacity. But are you implementing solutions that actively improve both the cleanliness and sanitation of your facility? 


COVID-19 spreads very easily in indoor environments, and you need to take every precaution available to make sure that the air you breathe is safe. That’s why so many companies now turn to UV light applications– it can be used for odor control, sterilization, exhaust elimination, and solvent reduction. Air quality is an area that can’t afford to be overlooked, especially in industries like:



A lot of companies in the aforementioned list have transitioned to using germicidal UVC lamps and other purification tools, ensuring that their employees are safer when they return to work. 

How Brandt Can Help

Do you have everything you need in-house to make sure the air you breathe is pure and free from harmful substances? Effective air filtration is essential, and Brandt is here to make sure you’re always protected from harmful agents that often remain undetected. We install high-quality HVAC solutions in your facility so you remain free and clear of potential threats to your employees’ health. Whatever you need to stay safe during these trying times, we’re confident that we can deliver. For more information on how Brandt’s team of experts can help you work more safely than ever before, reach out to us today.